Grip Xpro2
  • Grip Xpro2

Grip Xpro2

Tax included 1 to 8 weeks

Grip U1 - wide grip, medium rise, reverse slope.

Grip U2-Medium width, low, deep for more stability.

Handle E narrow, low, round. Close to the Hoyt Ergo.

Grip G-narrow, medium high, round. Close to the Hoyt Gmx.

Handle H-narrow, high, round. Close to the Hoyt Hpx.

Grip O-wide, high, reverse slope. Close to the Hoyt Ortho.

Handle W-narrow, high, round. Close to W&W.

Size: Grip-U1
Model: Right-handed


In addition to specific Uukha grips developed with our Pro Staff shooters (U1 and U2), we offer a range of grips that allow you to find the positions that you were used to on other risers.

They are available when purchasing your Uukha riser or as an add-on accessory.

They are made of resin, covered with a textured coating for comfort and reduced slippage when wet.

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