Uukha Limbs Altaï
  • Uukha Limbs Altaï
  • Uukha Limbs Altaï

Uukha Limbs Altaï

Tax included 1 to 8 weeks

Model: Altai Standard ILF

Length: 60", 62", or 64"

Pulling Force: 30 to 55 lbs

Finish: StdMat(Standard decal, matt varnish).

Usage: For 3D, Field and Hunting.

Measured in 5 lbs increments

LBS: 35
Length: 60" long


The Altaï is constructed with 100% carbon and a extensively optimised structure, which offers the best speed, stability, and smoothness that we have developed so far.

This is the best choice for archers seeking the ultimate limb for accuracy, speed, smoothness and arrow grouping, as well as shooting pleasure.

It benefits from a highly refined lay-up with thinner carbon plies.

The S-Curve profile makes the draw easy, smooth and a joy to shoot.


The Nature limb models are all derived from our target products.

Nature limbs are dedicated to field, 3D, nature and hunting applications.

They have the same profile and construction as target limbs, but they are decorated with minimal decals, measured in 5lb increments and sized for a 19’’ riser.