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  • X-ENERGY  Mark II L
  • X-ENERGY  Mark II L


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OK-Archery Product
ATA 37",38" of 39 ''
Brace Height 7-7.5" (17,70 - 19,05 cm)
Speed up to 311 fps (94,79 m/s)
Draw Weight 40 - 70# (22,68 - 31,75 kg)  in 5# increments
Draw Length AMO 22.25" - 33.00" (depending on cam)
Draw Length REAL 21.50" - 31.25" (depending on cam)
Net weight with parts from 4.90 lbs (2,22 kg) included string stop and quick detach
Colors 'All Black' riser and cams. Additional color combinations available at extra charge.
Strings & Cables String in Black, cables in Black, 24 strands, BCY 452X - Standard. 
Add. weights and Bowjax Revelations not included in price.
This product can be picked up in person. 


X-ENERGY 39 Features

The X-ENERGY 39  is the extension for the X-ENERGY Series. For all archers who prefer a longer bow.

Featuring a new riser and grip design with the same reliable Chili-Cams and wide limbs that OK bows are known for.

The new grip features a Multi-Layered, Contoured Design (patent pending). The ergonomic curved radius offers a definite and repeatable pressure point. The hand has full contact to the bow without torque momentum. The milling is very complex, but the result is impressive - test it for yourself!

New and unique: the first Adjustable Stabilization Tuner (pat. pending). With this feature, you can micro-adjust the length of your front stabilizer up to 1 inch - from the middle position - back or forward. 

You will not find this feature on any other bow ! ( Well…. Not yet anyway ! ) 

The X-ENERGY has a longer lower limb bolt. This gives you the option to add weight to the bottom, center of the vertical axis. Providing yet another option for weight tuning.

568 OK XE M II L

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