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Axcel Sight CXL

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Axcel Product 

Model: Achieve CXL / Lock / Damper RH or LH

Use: Compound bow

Size of alluminium extension bar: 6 "or 9"

Color: Black, gold, blue, orange, pink, red, silver, green or purple

(some colors other than black, the delivery can take up to 10 weeks)


The Achieve CXL is an AXCEL® tournament sight with added features, designed specifically for compound bows.

The Achieve compound version contains a superior “Windage Dovetail Guide System”, replacing inferior twin-dowel guide systems.

The CXL includes the "VTSL" (Variable Tension System with Lock) a new adjustment system where the archer personally chooses a desired elevation travel tension setting with an added lock feature most commonly used in single distance tournaments).

The Achieve compound sights have aluminum extension bars available with the Mathews® Harmonic Damper in 6” and 9” bars. The Achieve compound versions provide 2.875” of elevation adjustment, and are among the lightest most durable all aluminum target sights on the market.