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Easton Arrow Carbon Vector TM
  • Easton Arrow Carbon Vector TM

Easton Arrow Carbon Vector TM

Tax included 1 to 8 weeks
Material: Parallel Multi-layer wrapped 100% carbon
Recreational beginners arrow and for Club
Diameter: 4mm
Finished with: Shield springs 2.3 inch lugs and points.
Spine: 600-32", 800-31", 1000-30", 1200-29", 1400-28", 1600-27.5", 1800-27" and 2000-26.5"
Number: By 12
Spine: 600


Easton’s new Vector is a 4mm 100% carbon-fiber arrow engineered using the same high-performance processes used in advanced tournament arrows, but priced for value conscious consumers, making the Vector ideal for archers who may be getting started in target archery or quickly progressing to higher poundage bows and needing to change arrow setups to match. All Vector arrows come pre-cut to length and ready-to-shoot with factory fletched 2.3” feather vanes, points, and preinstalled nocks; making it the perfect arrow for clubs, recreational archery ranges and beginners of all ages.

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