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Beiter Limb X-Ruler

Tax included 1 to 8 weeks

The Beiter Limb X-Ruler is made to determine the center of the limb along the whole length of it.

It is delivered with a rubber band and a Beiter Fastener, to be able to keep it fixed. 

It must be used together with a Beiter Limb Line Gauge #0401!



First of all you have to tape the limb, so that you can draw lines

without painting the limbs itself. Preferrably use a red or black

marker on a white tape.

The purpose is to draw two crossing lines, that will cross itself

exactly in the middle of the limb.

Place a Beiter Limb Line Gauge #0401 where you want to start to

draw the line, to be able to draw the line at exactly the same height

(this is very important!)

Place the top of the Beiter Limb X-Ruler under the rubber fixed on

the limb with the Beiter Fastener.

Align and touch the bottom of the Beiter Limb X-Ruler with the left

or tight side of the Beiter Limb Line Gauge. Align the 2 pegs of the

Beiter Limb X-Ruler along the limb, so that you have three fix points.

Now draw a line on the tape.

Turn the Beiter Limb X-Ruler by 180° on the other side of the limb

and draw a second line. The crossing of the lines shows the perfect center of the limbs.


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