3D Timberwolf
  • 3D Timberwolf

3D Timberwolf


(€411.57 apiece)

Tax included 1 to 8 weeks

Bearpaw product

Length: 110 cm

Height: 80 cm

Material: foam closes after the arrow is drawn "Longlife self-healing effect"

Will stop every arrow

Easy arrow drawing

UV resistant material

Weatherproof material

Very lifelike appearance



The Timberwolf is a subspecies of gray wolf native to the Great Lakes region and southeastern Canada. Like the red wolf, the Timberwolf is intermediate in size between the coyote and gray wolf, with females weighing 23.9 kilograms (53 lb) on average and males 30.3 kilograms (67 lb).

Longlife 3D-animals live up to their name and are found on many 3D courses around the world. Our special foam, standard for all Longlife 3D-animals, increases their lifespan substantially. All Longlife 3D-animals are produced in Germany.